I am always delighted to create Bespoke pieces for clients, whether incorporating elements of jewellery already owned needing new expression, or sourcing antique, vintage, or modern items and creating designs together. This is a wonderful way for a client to be involved in the process and to tailor a piece to include specific charms, stones, and chains.

Aquamarine and Diamond Gold Necklace

This piece was designed for a client who wanted a necklace with a central Aquamarine Pendant. This is a beautiful vintage aquamarine and diamond pendant which I sourced and placed on a chain I made from contemporary aquamarine stones and 9c gold. All the necklaces I design have an extension of chain from the clasp which creates an elegant ending with a final decorative piece, in this case a cluster of the aquamarine stones.




Edwardian Turquoise and Pearl Starburst Necklace


I sourced this beautiful Edwardian 9c gold Starburst Pendant for my client, which is a classic design from this period. It is set with creamy seed pearls and turquoise stones. We have paired it with a string of freshwater pearls and gold wire which I designed and made for this necklace. It features a signature end chain with three turquoise stones.